Dirty Beaches Details 'Water Park' 10-inch

Dirty Beaches Details 'Water Park' 10-inch
While Dirty Beaches fans are gearing up for the one-two punch of the dark-pop performer's impending Drifters and Love Is the Devil LPs, don't forget that the artist born Alex Zhang Hungtai also has a vinyl pressing of his Water Park score on the way. While the record was previously set for a January release date via A Recordings Ltd., it now arrives on March 5.

As previously reported, the work scores Evan Prosofsky's film Waterpark, which is an "audio/visual exploration of West Edmonton Mall." A press release explains that Hungtai's seven-song soundtrack utilizes experimental electric guitar lines, mellotron, oscillators and other noises to recreate the vibe of the "bizarre plastic tropical paradise that's within a shopping mall."

While the vinyl release is a few weeks away, the set has been available digitally on iTunes since December.

Drifters and Love Is the Devil, meanwhile, are set to drop May 21 through Zoo Music.

Water Park OST:

1. Water Park Theme (take 2) 

2. Floating Underwater Watching Waves

3. Phases 

4. Canadian Prairies
5. Like The Wind 

6. Good Bye Edmonton 

7. Water Park Theme (Reprise)