Dirty Beaches' Alex Zhang Hungtai Returns with Love Theme Project

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished May 12, 2017

Alex Zhang Hungtai retired his Dirty Beaches moniker back in 2014, though he has continued making music under a variety of different aliases. Now, he is set to release a debut self-titled EP as part of a trio named Love Theme.

As the group's Bandcamp page reveals, the EP was born from an improvised session that included synths, percussion, vocals, a drum machine and two saxophones, and was edited remotely over the course of a year from each band member's home cities of London, Los Angeles and Taipei. Along with the Dirty Beaches leader, Love Theme includes bandmates Austin Milne and Simon Frank.

The band's page also notes that the forthcoming EP follows a travel narrative, "moving across a series of landscapes, reflecting the innate experiences of the expressions and voices that were first collected in South London back in February 2015." 

Love Theme is set to arrive on June 23 through Alter. Get a taste of what's to come from the project with "Desert Exile" in the player below.

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