Dirty Beaches "Stye Eye"

Dirty Beaches 'Stye Eye'
This past Tuesday (October 18), Vancouver-based dark-pop auteur Dirty Beaches (aka Alex Zhang Hungtai) released his "Lone Runner" single via Suicide Squeeze. We already got a taste of the eerie A-side through its accompanying murder-minded video clip, and now we're privy to the equally ooky flip.

The track, which originally appeared on a limited-edition split tape with Generic Shit, was previously described by Suicide Squeeze as "a stomping anthem with an insistent grind that seems to sway and swing, gaining in intensity as the track progresses," and that's a fairly apt assessment. Overtop a foundation of thudding drum wallops and backwards-tracked six-strings, Hungtai screams and croons all mush-mouthed like the bastard son of Lux Interior.

Check out "Stye Eye" below.