Dirty Beaches "Love Is the Devil"

Dirty Beaches 'Love Is the Devil'
Dirty Beaches (aka transient noir pop auteur Alex Zhang Hungtai) hasn't quite given us a due date for his impending albums Drifters and Love Is the Devil, but he's now given us the first peek at the latter via a stream of its title track.

Huntgtai sent out the song earlier today (January 26) and describes it like so over at Twitter:

I've never been good at business. But this is my heart & soul. I need to get this off my chest. This title track has blood & tears all over it and is the sound of my empty self. I need to share this before it becomes something else. we always hurt the ones we love the most. I'm a rotten piece of shit. blast it LOUD if your hearts broken.

You can stream the instrumental weeper, which rolls itself out as a melancholy underwater symphony-scape, in the player down below.

While release dates have yet to be set for either Drifters or Love Is the Devil, they're expected to drop later this year through Zoo Music.

UPDATE: Drifters and Love Is the Devil will be released as a double LP on May 21.