Director Shane Meadows Planning Documentary About Stone Roses Reunion

Director Shane Meadows Planning Documentary About Stone Roses Reunion
The music world has been losing its collective mind since the Stone Roses announced that they would be reuniting in 2012 for a high-profile reunion tour and possibly even an album. Among the many excited fans is filmmaker Shane Meadows, most famous for writing and directing the gritty British drama This Is England. Meadows is so excited, in fact, that he's planning to make a film about the reunion.

In a post on a fan forum [via the fansite], Meadows confirmed the rumours that have been swirling since he showed up with cameras at the band's press conference last week.

Meadows wrote, "The fact that they happen to be my all time favourite band that there ever was, has been or will ever be, means that it will defo be bumped to the top of the 'to do' list if I can come up with a good enough idea. I missed Spike Island, I'm not missing this frikker!!!!"

However, the project isn't yet confirmed, and he and Warp Films producer Mark Herbert still need to speak with the band and financiers.

Meanwhile, Meadows is still putting the finishing touches on his feature This Is England '88 (which follows the 2010 series This Is England '86). The latest This Is England is planned to be a one-off Christmas special.

Herbert tweeted, "Just to clarify rumours on Shane Meadows and Warpfilms doing Stone Roses documentary. We filmed the press conference last week but until... we finish post on This is England 88 in Dec nothing will be finalised. We just jumped at chance to film the announcement. Exciting tho!"

Stay tuned for more updates on the project. As we learned from 2006's loudQUIETloud: A Film About the Pixies, reunion documentaries can be as awkward as they are inspiring.