Dinosaur Jr. Unearth 25-Year-Old Concert for 'Chocomel Daze' Live Album

Dinosaur Jr. Unearth 25-Year-Old Concert for 'Chocomel Daze' Live Album
Dinosaur Jr.'s I Bet on Sky is less than a month old, but the veteran alt-rockers have already announced their next release. This time, they will be digging into the archives and unearthing a 25-year-old concert for a live album.

Chocomel Daze (Live 1987) will come out via Merge Records on November 19. It was recorded Dorrnroosje in Nijmegen, Netherlands, and includes 11 songs performed by the classic Dinosaur Jr. lineup of frontman J Mascis, bassist Lou Barlow, and drummer Murph.

J Mascis said in a statement, "We were young on our first Euro tour. It was amazing to get hotels and food. We were treated a million times better than we were used to in the States. And only driving like 45 minutes a day to the next Dutch town. Good times."

Listen to the live version of "The Lung" from the new record at the bottom of the page.

The record is being pressed on 150-gram vinyl, and it is being released to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the band's album You're Living All Over Me. Order a copy of Chocomel Daze here.

If you were curious, Chocomel is a brand of Dutch chocolate milk that we're guessing the dudes from Dinosaur Jr. drank a lot of while in Europe.

Chocomel Daze (Live 1987):

1. Severed Lips

2. In a Jar

3. The Lung

4. Tarpit

5. Does It Float

6. Repulsion

7. Lose

8. Gargoyle

9. Raisans

10. Mountain Man

11. SludgeFeast