Dinosaur Jr.

"Pierce the Morning Rain" (video)

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jan 17, 2013

Dinosaur Jr.'s alt-rock tunes are best listened to at loud volumes, and the new video for their I Bet on Sky cut "Pierce the Morning Rain" shows a middle-aged couple doing just that.

The clip stars actor James Urbaniak, who buys a new sound system for his vehicle and he and his wife become transfixed by the booming bass. They listen to Dinosaur Jr. at high volumes and are transported into a dream world where they fight with Henry Rollins. Make sense? Not really, but it's entertaining viewing nevertheless.

In other Dinosaur Jr. news, singer J Mascis will appear on the January 25 episode of Portlandia.

I Bet on Sky is available through Jagjaguwar.

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