Did the Strokes Hurt Julian Casablancas's Feelings?

Did the Strokes Hurt Julian Casablancas's Feelings?
It's been exactly four years since the Strokes released any new material, and while they've been talking up their fourth album for some time, a number of factors have kept them from entering the studio. From Albert Hammond Jr.'s bout with rehab to four side-projects emerging from the band's five members, they just haven't seemed to gel with each other like they used to. But maybe there's more to the story than we know.

Consequence of Sound points to an interview with front-man Julian Casablancas conducted by the Boston Herald. Maybe he was just in a bad mood, but Casablancas's answers to the questions definitely hint at some hurt feelings. Just check out this excerpt from the piece:

Boston Herald: After you're done with your solo work, is there a Strokes record ready to work on?

Julian Casablancas: Yeah, they're probably in the studio now. We have a bunch of songs that we're kind of remembering.

BH: So, your relationship is good?

JC: Define good.

BH: Can you relate to each other?

JC: Define relate to each other.

BH: Can you discuss things in a responsible, adult way and come to decisions?

JC: Easily.

BH: It doesn't mean you have to hang with them.

JC: I mean, we get along fine. It's just there are deeper things.

BH: When you're younger, sometimes your band mates are like brothers. As you get older, you have your own families.

JC: I think my problem is I wanted it to [be like family] and then I found people didn't act like brothers. But I don't want to say something in an interview and then mess up my personal relationship with anyone.

The interview may not pack the same punches those nasty Gallagher brothers love to throw, but it still suggests some internal conflict. We hope this doesn't mean the band will call it quits before releasing a fourth album, if only because First Impressions of Earth killed the winning streak of their first two albums.