Desire "Don't Call" (video)

Desire 'Don't Call' (video)
Considering his tenure in both long-running Italo disco revivalist big wigs Glass Candy and Chromatics, Johnny Jewel's Desire project seems to get lost in the shuffle. The outfit, which also features Montreal-based chanteuse Megan Louise and fellow Chromatic Nat Walker, could make things change with their literally windswept new video for old track "Don't Call," off 2009's II LP.

As you can see below, Louise was filmed walking around a blustery Miami (in fact, it was filmed during an October hurricane). Regardless of the gusts, the singer tries to have some fun splashing about in the water, but ultimately spends much of the clip staring sullenly at the camera, moodily wiping steam off a bathroom mirror, or playing dial-tone-tuned organ lines from a closet.

It's a bit sad sack, for sure, but the footage's vibe goes well with the song's melancholy keyboard runs.

Check it out below.