des hume Goes Totally '80s on 'RAW '83' Double Single

Listen to "RAW" and "Holdout," and tune into the livestream tonight
des hume Goes Totally '80s on 'RAW '83' Double Single
Vancouver bedroom pop songwriter des hume has been rolling out a steady stream of singles over the past year-plus, and here's the latest. RAW '83 is a split single featuring two new tunes: "RAW" and "Holdout."

An enigmatic, fanciful announcement credited to the "des hume initiative" claims that these recordings date back to 1983, at which point they were swiped by Phil Collins and only recently reemerged. And although the songs are clearly modern, there's certainly a strong '80s vibe to the gritty new wave pulse of "RAW" and the funky disco swagger of "Holdout."

Hear RAW '83 below.

To celebrate the release, des hume will be streaming a virtual release party tonight on Instagram Live. The songwriter is even building a stage in his own apartment, featuring a mirror ball and lighting. Tune in at 8 p.m. PT.