Delorean Narrowly Escape "Virtual Kidnapping" in Mexico

Delorean Narrowly Escape 'Virtual Kidnapping' in Mexico
Spanish dance-pop ensemble Delorean have spent the better part of a year touring in support of their recently released sophomore LP, Apar. But it appears the band could have used the help from a flux capacitor-assisted automobile this past weekend, as news has come out the futuristic four-piece were subject to a "virtual kidnapping" while stationed in Mexico.

According to an article published by El País [via Spin], the group had travelled to the country to perform as part of the Mexico City edition of Montreal's MUTEK Festival, when family members from the group began receiving phone calls from an unidentified caller demanding ransom money.

The kidnappers, posing as local police, had apparently called the band while they were at Mexico City's Four Points Hotel, claiming they were in danger and needed to be moved to a second hotel. Once there, kidnappers stripped the band of their cellphones and began calling their families back home in Guipuzkoa, Spain, according to the report.

Although relatively unknown in America, "virtual kidnappings" have become all the craze in Mexico, according to a 2008 article published by the New York Times, meaning Delorean were probably not the first or last band to be subject to such an experience.

Nevertheless, after a two-day ordeal, the Spanish National Police announced via Twitter the band had escaped from the situation unscathed.

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