Delorean "Unhold" (Delorean/Mas Ysa remixes)

Delorean 'Unhold' (Delorean/Mas Ysa remixes)
After facing a pretty frightening kidnapping incident late last year, Spanish dance-pop crew Delorean are officially back out on the road in support of their Apar and issuing some related remixes on the side. The LP's "Unhold" is now being treated to separate redworks from the band and Canadian Mas Ysa.

Delorean's self-delivered remix brings a dancier edge to the already bouncy cut, scrubbing out janglier guitar chords to let heady, Moroder-esque synth oscillations and a more pronounced house pound support guest vocalist Caroline Polachek's airy, cloud-bound vocals.

The Chairlift singer's vocals are even more pronounced in Mas Ysa's remix, though they seem to be getting filtered into an on-the-fritz AutoTune processor. Sparse synth hits are slowly ushered into the mix as her lines twist, distort and garble in the ether, and while a steadily shook tambourine makes a brief appearance, the remix ultimately plays out as a beat-less, spacious new age hymnal.

You can check out both remixes down below, and check out Delorean's current tour schedule, including a stop in Toronto in February, over here.