Debby Blackwell "Once You Got Me Going"

Debby Blackwell 'Once You Got Me Going'
TRACK OF THE DAY: One of my favourite types of compilation is the studio retrospective; great comps like Strut's Funky Nassau: The Compass Point Story or even The Complete Stax/Volt Soul Singles Volume 1 sound so logical because all the artists are unified by the sound of the studio's equipment, engineering tendencies and, usually, the same session musicians.

"Once You Got Me Going" by Debby Blackwell is a free track from Strut's upcoming Bob Blank: The Blank Generation - Blank Tapes 1975-87. Blank opened his studio in New York in 1975, and it became renowned as a high quality facility that catered to eccentric, experimental, danceable artists. Artists represented include Lydia Lunch, Arthur Russell, Sun Ra and Fonda Rae, whose "Over Like A Fat Rat" became the inspiration for Eric B and Rakim's eternal "Eric B Is President."

Blank was the engineer and owner of the studio, but was frequently a producer as well, as with this Blackwell track. The writers are Leroy Burgess, James Calloway and Sonny Davenport, who were involved with the Universal Robot Band's "Barely Breaking Even." "Once You Got Me Going" has a similar uptempo, synthetic bounce, with more than its fair share of soul.

Genres like disco, jazz, no wave, salsa and minimalism all come together in Blank's capable hands to create fully realized pop classics that never lack imagination. This is the kind of gateway compilation that might introduce a listener to genres or artists they'd never have known before.

Look for Bob Blank: The Blank Generation - Blank Tapes 1975-87 to drop February 2. Note: Richard Hell has nothing to do with this compilation.

Download Debby Blackwell's "Once You Got Me Going here.