Death Waltz Brings 'Sleepaway Camp' to Vinyl

Death Waltz Brings 'Sleepaway Camp' to Vinyl
Though arguably not quite as shocking as '80s horror film Sleepaway Camp's infamously gender-questioning surprise ending, Death Waltz Recording Company sprung a 7-inch release of the cult classic's "Angela's Theme" onto the market earlier today (January 13).

A three-song 7-inch showcasing songwriter Frankie Vinci's new wave-styled theme is up for sale now at Death Waltz's new online shop hosted at Mondo. In addition to the A-side's synthy tribute to the titular "carpenter's dream," homing in on broken hearts and Angela's "masquerade," another pair of Vinci's tracks featured in the film are on the flip.

"When I sang the three songs I was trying to channel David Bowie," Vinci said in a statement. "Euro rock music was big in the '80s, so I was inspired to keep the songs fresh with a Euro vibe. I'm not sure I came close to a Bowie vocal but I guess it worked in its own way."

Under the supervision of Vinci, the songs have been remastered for vinyl from the original four-track recordings. This is the first time any of these songs have been released commercially.

Vinci added: "The three songs may sound sonically inferior to today's digital recordings but the heart of 'Angela's Theme' is the eerie notes in the intro and the overall vibe. The Yamaha keyboard's bell sound actually adds to the creepy feel of the movie ending."

Death Waltz had shown their admiration for Vinci last fall, having threaded "Angela's Theme" into its "Death Waltz Halloween Mix 2014."

Sadly, a limited-edition tri-colour single on red, green and blue vinyl has already sold out. But you can still nab a copy on white vinyl over here.