Dearly Beloved Perform "To Better Days"

Dearly Beloved Perform 'To Better Days'
It was oppressively hot in Toronto when Dearly Beloved stopped by the Exclaim! office to record their TV session, so we made sure there was plenty of ice water to go around. With the band well-hydrated, they set up their gear in our backyard under the baking hot sun for a blistering performance of "To Better Days" off their newest LP Hawk Vs. Pigeon.

In this cut, the Beloveds' bassist Rob Higgins rips through an introductory bass lick that bursts with punk energy before the group launches into some hard rocking goodness. Lead singer Niva Chow bangs a tambourine and sends some refreshing bubbles into the air while the gnome stage prop looks like it's about to become animated and start moshing along.

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