David Byrne Eyes Film Adaptation of Imelda Marcos Concept Album

David Byrne Eyes Film Adaptation of Imelda Marcos Concept Album

Sometimes an album is just begging to be made into a film. Take, for example, David Byrne's most recent disc, Here Lies Love, which came out in April of this year. Talk about dramatic: the double-disc set features 22 guest singers, and was available in deluxe versions with a DVD containing a pile of music videos and a 120-page book - not exactly subtle. So it makes sense that Byrne is now talking about a movie adaptation.

Here Lies Love is a concept album collaboration with Fatboy Slim that centered upon Imelda Marcos, the former first lady of the Philippines and a notoriously extravagant spender, and Estrella Cumpas, a nanny who helped raise her. Like we say, good fodder for the big screen.

Byrne must think so too, as he is in talks with production companies to make a musical out of the album, which was actually one of his original ideas for the project, reports Clash Music.

"I'm working with a director and a theatre production company in New York, so we'll see if it gets somewhere there," Byrne told Clash. "I already think from talking with them there that it will go through some changes to make the narrative work better and various other things, but we're in agreement that it shouldn't be like a conventional musical where the characters talk to one another, then they all start singing, and then they talk some more."

And while Byrne gets the details of turning such a huge project into a no doubt equally huge musical sorted out, there's always his $1 million lawsuit against Florida Governor Charlie Crist to keep him busy.