David Bazan "Read My Mind" (the Killers cover)

David Bazan 'Read My Mind' (the Killers cover)
While the Internet's onslaught of covers can become exhausting after a while, there's occasionally one that breathes new life into an older song. Today, David Bazan has done just that with his take on the Killers' 2006 single "Read My Mind."

The track plays out like one from Bazan's Headphones project, building up a warm vintage synth that pairs perfectly with the artist's baritone voice. It's a lot more subdued than Brandon Flowers and co.'s grandiose Killers material, but it still reaches a satisfying climax as it builds with drum machines, guitars and backing vocals.

Listen to David Bazan's take on the Killers below. The song appears in Polyvinyl's 4-Track Singles Series, which is available to subscribe to here.