Das Rad "Hollow Pines"

Das Rad 'Hollow Pines'
Sad to say, but Toronto noise mongers Das Rad have recorded their last two songs. The heavy power trio are going to play one last show on October 15, which will serve as the release party for their longtime label Pleasence Records' limited cassette of their final works, "Circles" and "Hollow Pines," the latter of which you can hear now.

Das Rad were founded with former C'mon drummer Dean Dallas Bentley, his former Mamabolo bandmate, bassist Allyn Norris, and imaginative guitarist/songwriter Ireek Sofakia (a.k.a. Boden Frantz). They clicked right off the bat, quickly dedicating themselves to the darkest side of psychedelic shoegaze in the summer of 2012 and subsequently snagging their band name from an animated German short film. Shortly thereafter, Das Rad became a staple of the burgeoning Pleasence Records stable.

"Hollow Pines" stretches out over six minutes that seem to evaporate too quickly into the atmosphere of time. It all starts by building tension amidst swirling, distorted string torture. Then Bentley's drums hit with enough force to crack your ribs and keep the drive of the track taut between the sonic assault of Norris's grinding bass and Sofakia's distorted guitar histrionics for the duration, while Norris's vocals hit that trip-out sweet spot. It's a hell of a track to go out on, no doubt.

If you are in Toronto, be sure to hit up their final show as they go out in a blaze of glory. Everyone else, check out "Hollow Pines" below, and see what you're missing.