Daniel Terrence Robertson "God I'm Sorry" (video)

Daniel Terrence Robertson 'God I'm Sorry' (video)
While West Coast experimental auteur Daniel Terrence Robertson's Death arrives later in the fall, he's repenting ahead of time with a music video for the collection's shadowy and fragile "God I'm Sorry."

The black and white video presents a steadily morphing blur of images, which cascade from quasi-floral shapes into jagged shards of geometry, and later into the faint image of a face. The clip was self-directed by Robertson, with a press release noting that it acts as "an experiment in self-portrait manipulation and the variability of self-perception."

Above this, we hear a mix of echo chamber digi-drums, pink-and-lavender tie-dye synth sonics and a gentle, defeated admission from Robertson: "God, I'm sorry I tried."

You can check out his apology below, while the rest of Death can be observed once Heavy Lark issues the LP on October 7.