Daniel Lanois 'Goodbye to Language' (album stream)

Daniel Lanois 'Goodbye to Language' (album stream)
Legendary Canadian musician, songwriter and producer Daniel Lanois is set to release his latest LP Goodbye to Language next week, but Exclaim! is giving you an early listen to the album in its entirety.
The record came together in collaboration with Rocco DeLuca, who played lap steel to accompany Lanois's pedal steel guitar. "These steel guitar performances, may very well be some of my most symphonic harmonically complex works to date," Lanois tells Exclaim!
We've already heard a sampling of the intricate compositional style on "Heavy Sun" and "Deconstruction," but now a bigger picture has come into view with the arrival of the full record. It's one that's painted with abstract ideas and intense emotions, twisting traditional instrumentation into futuristic dreamscapes.
From the slow-building but evocative opener "Low Sudden," through forward-thinking cuts like "Three Hills" and "The Cave" and finally on to the oxymoronic  twangy robotics of "Blue Diamond," Goodbye to Language is an engaging exercise in both musical speaking and listening.
Listen to the LP down below before its official release on September 9 through Anti-.