Dan Mangan Wants to Book Shows at Your House

Photo: Sarah Murphy

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jun 30, 2015

If you're into the idea of hosting a hot and sweaty down-home get-together with artists like Astral Swans, you should get a hold of Dan Mangan. Reason being, the Vancouver singer-songwriter and entrepreneur is on the hunt for people willing to put on house shows for the artists on his Madic Records imprint.

The label put out the call this week over Facebook and further explained in a statement on its website that it is actively seeking less traditional venues for upcoming shows.

"House concerts can be an incredible way to support emerging artists/bands while fostering meaningful and memorable experiences for your local community," the label writes. "At Madic, we're not stuck on the traditional ideas of how bands can have a career. We want to create meaningful interactions between people and art. Perhaps you're interested in hosting a house concert?"

Mangan elaborated on this to CBC Music, saying: "I want to build a database of music-loving folks who want to host house concerts, and this will help to foster/connect a community of artists and listeners and put them literally in the same room."

Arts & Crafts offshoot Madic issued the All My Favorite Singers Are Willie Nelson LP for Calgary outfit Astral Swans earlier this year, suggesting this would be one of the acts you could expect to hit the house show circuit sometime soon.

It should be noted that specific dates have not yet been determined, but rather Mangan is looking to establish a network to book shows with in the future.

If you want to get in touch with Mangan, perhaps inquiring whether his Blacksmith project are included in the deal, you'll find a detailed submission form over here.

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