​Dan Mangan Offers Update on Next Album, Shares "Whistleblower" Video

​Dan Mangan Offers Update on Next Album, Shares 'Whistleblower' Video
Dan Mangan surprised us with a surprise EP titled Unmake last year, and now the singer-songwriter has revealed that he's working on a new record.
While details are still a ways away from being announced, Mangan has confirmed that he's working on new songs.
"I am feeling really great about the new songs, and how they sit amongst all my other work," he said in a press release. "It feels like a progression forward, but also a move to something a bit more classic me. I got a lot off of my chest with Club Meds. In some ways, that album didn't find as wide an audience as I was hoping, but it was the album I needed to make, and I'm feeling a beautiful freedom to go in all kinds of directions now."
He also revealed that he became a father for the second time back in December, and claims, "It's hard, with the face of a beautiful new life staring back at you, to not write songs that seek a glimmer of hope in the world."
That sentiment also comes across in Mangan's latest video, "Whistleblower." The track appeared on the aforementioned Unmake, and the accompanying visuals seek to find the silver linings in a world often driven by anger.
"This video was not made with the intent to incite anger, but it does hope to advocate to work through anger and find the other side of it," he explained. "To find resolution, forgiveness, and peace."
Watch the video for "Whistleblower" below.
In other Mangan-related news, the singer is continuing his attempt to reinvent the typical artist touring model with his Side Door project, and you can find full information about it and check out the "extreme beta phase" version of it here.