Daft Punk's Third Twin Alter Ego Actually Legit?

BY Josiah HughesPublished Jan 7, 2011

For what it was, Daft Punk's Tron: Legacy soundtrack was a riveting and well-suited score, but those expecting the proper recorded return of the legendary filter house masters were understandably disappointed. However, those looking for a return to the classic Daft Punk electro might be able to take solace in a series of possible Daft Punk leaks that coincided with the soundtrack.

As Consequence of Sound points out, a series of 12 songs leaked to the Web around the same time as the band were gearing up to release their Tron soundtrack with the artist listed as the Third Twin. They point to a band biography on Ask.com, where a theorist explains:

Daft Punk intentionally leaked these twelve tracks when these were rejected by the Disney production, which was looking for a more orchestral and symphonic soundtrack. Daft Punk disappointed by the severe restrictions of the contract could have decided to introduce their songs to their public who would appreciate this music. They used The Third Twin brand name to avoid legal troubles. This theory is reinforced with the events that took place in 2005 when the album Human After All was leaked on the Internet, weeks before its release.

The claims are a little hard to swallow, especially considering the writing quality of the article, but CoS also points to a recent article with Spanish newspaper El Periódico Mediterráneo, which reports that Daft Punk will be appearing at the Arenal Sound Festival as the Third Twin. The blog reached out to festival organizers, who confirmed that a band called the Third Twin are playing but did not comment on how they relate to Daft Punk.

Whether or not the Third Twin is actually Daft Punk or just the best Daft Punk rip-off band this side of Squarepusher is yet to be seen. Either way, the Arenal Sound Festival takes place between August 4 and 7 just outside of Valencia, Spain.

UPDATE: A press release from Arenal Sound confirms that the Third Twin is indeed playing the festival. If you want to dig for more clues, here is an unedited excerpt:

The Third Twin is a French electronic music duo which is getting very popular around the business in the recent months. The reason is simple: They are directly related to the famous Daft Punk. They are in the second edition of the festival which takes place from August 4-7 at the Playa El Arenal from Burriana, Castellón, Spain. The show up of this mysterious group opens the Arenal Sound line up 2011.

The stage name of The Third Twin emerged supposedly with the aim of publishing the issues proposed by Daft Punk to Disney´s movie
Tron: Legacy. The company initially considered the material too oriented to electronic sounds because of that they refused it. The company ordered a new batch of compositions more orchestral and traditional which finally took part of the soundtrack of the film which was recently released with great success.

Daft Punk could not sign with their original name, music themes nor use any clear reference to the film for legal reasons. That is the reason why the well-known French electronic tandem had to use allegedly that pseudonym.

The result was The Third Twin or TTT, a music project which contain the songs published that is part of that band sound rejected. It was compiled together in an album entitled
Homemade where you can find those tracks such as "Evil Minds" "Technolers" or "The Time is Over." The Third Twin has their own profile on MySpace where they have an extensive music material and songs that made Homemade and reached a great amount of visits on YouTube. (http://www.thethirdtwin.com)

Arenal Sound becomes one of the many international festivals on this category to bring significant DJ's highly praised at the time, The Third Twin. (http://www.arenalsound.com). Just wait and see their performance at the festival to discover if the mystery is revealed.

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