Cymbals Eat Guitars Return with 'Pretty Years'

Cymbals Eat Guitars Return with 'Pretty Years'
Cymbals Eat Guitars last left us with 2014's LOSE, but fans should be excited to know they'll gain a new LP from the Staten Island, NY indie outfit later this year. Titled Pretty Years, the band's fourth full-length release lands September 16 via Sinderlyn.

The album was recorded with producer John Congleton. A press release notes that the collection still traffics in the band's "trademark cacophonic guitar rock," though synths and sax make their way into the arrangements as well. It's added that most of the songs were tracked on the first or second take.

"We wanted to make a more energetic record," bassist Matthew Whipple said in a statement. "I personally looked to artists like Springsteen, '70s Bowie, the Smiths, the Cure, Neil Young as inspiration for — not really for sound as much as for that dichotomy of bands who were entertainers still making, at times, weird dark music and writing songs that seem totally over-the-top by today's rock band standards."

The album's "Dancing Days" is said to have the band reflecting on their lives on the road, something that apparently isn't always positive, as the band's Joseph D'Agostino explained.

"In a dark moment on tour for LOSE, I said something to Matt about losing my pretty years quickly because of touring, how the lifestyle ages you," D'Agostino said. "Months later when we were writing for the record, he came to me with the lyrics for that chorus and I wrote the song around them."

Below, you'll find the tracklisting info for Pretty Years, as well as a stream for sax-tooting first single, "Wish."

Pretty Years:

1. Finally
2. Have a Heart
3. Wish
4. Close
5. Dancing Days
6. 4th of July, Philadelphia (SANDY)
7. Beam
8. Mallwalking
10. Shrine