The Cult "Honey from a Knife" (video)

The Cult 'Honey from a Knife' (video)
The Cult's Choice of Weapon dropped back in the spring, and now the long-running British rock band have release a new video for the album track' "Honey from a Knife."

A press release notes that the rocking song was inspired by the following Buddhist precept: "Wealth and beauty, to a man who will not relinquish them, are like a knife covered with honey which, even before he has had the pleasure of eating the honey, cuts the tongue of the child that licks it."

As for the video, it's a fast-moving and occasionally grainy clip that's filled with unsettling images of fights, graffiti, and a devil-like creature pursuing a man through the streets. There's also a very literal image of honey dripping from a knife.

The Cult are currently on tour in Canada. See the schedule here.