Cornershop "Topknot"

After the lukewarm reception of their 2002 album, Handcream For A Generation, Cornershop took a break and re-evaluate. Ben Ayres began working press and publicity for Rough Trade in London, while Tijinder Singh made a film about the music industry. This limited single, released on Rough Trade, was recorded with Bubbley Kaur, an amateur singer who had never sung on a record before. Best known for their breakthrough hit, "Brimful Of Asha," Cornershop have been widely recognised widely for the Indian influences their incorporate into their music. "Topknot" re-establishes their interest in Punjabi folk music, combining a strong backbeat and a slew of different instruments with a simple melody beautified by Kaur’s divine voice. The song has caught on so quickly, it’s already a hit at Indian weddings around the world. (