The Corner Laughers 'Matilda Effect' (album stream)

The Corner Laughers 'Matilda Effect' (album stream)
Sunshine-y California pop unit the Corner Laughers are set to release their latest LP Matilda Effect next week, but Exclaim! has got you covered with an advanced stream of the entire album right now.
Led by singer Karla Kane, the album makes a strong feminist statement; the title refers to the phenomenon of women being overlooked in favour of their male colleagues in the sciences — a familiar injustice to astronomer Henrietta Leavitt, who served as an inspiring character on the record. There are also nods to women like Cleopatra and a heroic carrier pigeon named Martha, as well as a more personal perspective from Kane's experience as a new mother alongside bandmate Khoi Huynh.
Geography also played a role behind the new songs, with trips to England, Berlin and Scandinavia sparking inspiration. Not to worry, though — in spite of new locales and serious subject matter, the band's bouncy California spirit still shines through on the upbeat, summer-friendly set of songs.
Opener "Fairytale Tourist" is a declaration of adventure, while the sweet yet empowering "Octavia A" goes out to Kane and Huynh's daughter. "Midsommar" is a jangly psychedelia-infused folk-pop number, and closer "Good Hope" finishes off the record with a charming, laid-back and optimistic jam that goes perfectly hand-in-hand with the fresh summer weather.
Matilda Effect officially arrives on June 12 through Mystery Lawn Music. Give it an early listen in the player below.