Comeback Kid, Touche Amore and Living With Lions Invade Exclaim! TV's <i>Garageland</i>

BY Birkir FjalarPublished Feb 24, 2011

As long as quality tunes are in the works, Exclaim! TV's Garageland delivers the goods. New episodes are now up for your viewing pleasure, featuring three segments with none other than Comeback Kid, Touche Amore and Living With Lions. Head over to the Exclaim! TV section to watch these videos and more.

Starting things off are Canada's pride and joy, Comeback Kid (pictured). The guys talk about operating a band with members living in both Winnipeg and Toronto, as well as the significance of their side-projects, touring internationally and the band's future. And in a true Garageland fashion, a few goofy topics are tackled as well.

L.A. screamo up-and-comers Touche Amore have quickly made a name for themselves in international hardcore/punk circles. This interview demonstrates why and how. Since this interview was conducted, the band have signed a deal with the esteemed Deathwish Inc. Records.

Finally, Vancouver's Living With Lions are riding a wave of success right now, what with well-received music videos, touring and crossover potential aplenty. Much like Comeback Kid, the band had to undergo frontman changes, but emerged victorious from that ordeal. The band also discusses their penchant for making their own music videos.

See these three instalments of the latest Garageland episodes and many more by heading over to the Exclaim! TV section.

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