Cluster's Roedelius Forms New Group with Gotan Project's Christoph Müller

BY Josiah HughesPublished Jul 3, 2015

German electronic music pioneer Hans-Joachim Roedelius has been in the game for half a century, but continues to push himself with solo work and band endeavours. He recently shared a new video from his Qluster project, and now he's announced plans for a new collaborative group.

Roedelius has teamed up with Christoph H. Müller of the Gotan Project, and the two have recorded a full album together under the name Mueller_Roedelius.

The release is called Imagori and features 10 new compositions from the pair. There's also a high-profile guest in one Brian Eno, who appears on the song "About Tape."

A press release offers up the following description of Imagori:

Beat-oriented compositions meet melodic improvisations. The articulation often revels in simultaneous legato and staccato elements; Müller's beats create a framework with a straight-out pumping downbeat groove, while Roedelius's piano somnambulistically moves through the tracks. The upshot is an album that comes across as self-contained and pleasantly cohesive — each and every second is enthralling!

Imagori arrives on September 4 via Grönland. Album track "Time Has Come" can be streamed below.

Meanwhile, Qluster's new Tasten arrives on July 10 via Bureau B.


1. Time Has Come
2. QM
3. Origami II
4. About Tape (ft. Brian Eno)
A Song Or Not (piano version)
6. Valse Mecanique
7. Origami
8. Te Question
9. Himmel Über Lima
10. 808 Fantasy

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