Clark Returns with New Album 'Kiri Variations'

Hear the record's "Cannibal Homecoming"

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jun 26, 2019

Two years on from exploring Death Peak, Clark has readied a follow-up effort. The U.K. producer will release new album Kiri Variations on July 26 through his own Throttle Records, and right now, you can check out the newly shared cut "Cannibal Homecoming."

Fourteen tracks in length, Kiri Variations began as Clark's score to the BAFTA-nominated television program Kiri, though only a small portion of the music was used by director Euros Lyn. Clark felt the TV commission provided "a prominent spark for new approaches" used in fleshing out the score into a full-length release.

"It's a skeleton of an album, reduced to bare essentials, although it started out rather dense. The thing that takes time is making it succinct," Clark said of the album in a statement. "Certain parts are also what you could call anti muso – for example the recorder on 'Kiri's Glee' is totally out of tune – but it sounds so colourful. I can't resist the primary paint of acoustic instruments; it's an antidote to frictionless digital music."

He added, "I want people to listen to this in the same way they would read a set of Roald Dahl short stories; bitter-sweet tales with hooks and teeth and unexpected macabre twists. Proper Witch vibes."

Clark has shared single "Cannibal Homecoming" alongside the announcement, which you can hear below. Kiri Variations is available for pre-order.

Kiri Variations:

1. Forebode Pluck
2. Simple Homecoming Loop
3. Bench
4. Kiri's Glee
5. Coffin Knocker
6. Forebode Knocker
7. Yarraville Bird Phone
8. Primary Pluck
9. Flask/Abyss
10. Tobi Thwarted
11. Cannibal Homecoming
12. Banished Hymnal
13. Banished Canibal
14. Goodnight Kiri

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