Clark Lines Up New 'Fantasm Planes' EP

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jul 3, 2012

Earlier this year, Exclaim! gave English electronic musician Clark (aka Chris Clark) the stamp of approval over his latest album, the "soft-focus synthesizers and plucky guitar"-adorned Iradelphic. If you were wondering what Clark had in store for an encore, the performer will follow up the LP with a mini-effort called Fantasm Planes before the year is through.

Warp will release the six-song set on September 4. The EP features a few new tracks, as well as some touched-up numbers from Iradelphic that Clark morphed once he brought them into a live setting. The songs are described as "Analogue bass and psychedelic melodies to trip out to on the dancefloor. No hippy shit, though."

In a statement, Clark said, "This EP is more about conjuring the full mind-distortion that you get when you hear this music on loud sound systems. Refocusing the album into the context of metric rave gear, but with those full, saturated textures of Iradelphic still playing a vital part."

You can stream the equally twinkly and bass-heavy oscillations of the title track down below.

Fantasm Planes:

1.  Fantasm Planes

2.  Henderson Swooping

3.  Com Re-Touch / Pocket for Jack

4.  Brigitte

5.  Secret Slow Show

6.  Dove In Flames

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