CJ Fly "Sup Preme" (ft. Joey Bada$$) (video)

CJ Fly 'Sup Preme' (ft. Joey Bada$$) (video)
We're coming up to the one year anniversary of Pro Era member CJ Fly's solo mixtape Thee Way I See It, but ahead of the set's late September birthday celebration, he and Joey Bada$$ are getting blunted-up in the new video for its "Sup Preme."

The clip for the vibraphone-sampling single plays it jokey the whole way through, first finding CJ getting a knee to the groin after a gal rejects his proposal of sharing some weed together.

More receptive to the idea is a slumbering Joey Bada$$, whom Fly awakens smelling salts-style with a lit-up joint. The rest of their exploits have them poorly performing pushups in gym class, joy riding with other Pro Era pals in a vintage whip and passing the dutchie to the left hand side in a That '70s Show homage.

You'll find the smoke-strewn salute to cannabis sativa down below.