Ciara "Boy Outta Here" (ft. Rick Ross)

Ciara 'Boy Outta Here' (ft. Rick Ross)
R&B singer Ciara served up her self-titled set yesterday (July 9) via Epic, but one particular goodie called "Boy Outta Here" only made it onto a Target-exclusive edition and the Japanese release. If you couldn't nab either, you can stream the song down below.

The Underdogs' beat hits hard via snickety hi-hat triplets, shotgun blasts and a heart-palpitating bass drum boom. Ciara's mostly monotone lines note that being "full-grown" doesn't necessarily means you've got lined pockets, and if you're "trying to show off, that won't get you far."

Comically, MMG head Rick Ross then barks out a guest verse featuring braggy lines about stackin' paper and "getting that spinach, like I'm ordering dips." Clearly he missed Ciara's earlier line.

You can check out the team-up down below.