Chvrches Get an Anime Makeover in "Out of My Head" Video

The new song features Japan's Wednesday Campanella
Chvrches Get an Anime Makeover in 'Out of My Head' Video
Chvrches only recently released their album Love Is Dead, but the U.K. group are now back with a new song and a totally anime video to go with it.

The track is called "Out of My Head," and it features Japanese electro-pop group Wednesday Campanella. To further cement their love for Japan, Chvrches enlisted director Junichi Yamamoto and and art director Yoshiki Imazu to helm the song's animated video.

"I was asked by [Chvrches singer] Lauren [Mayberry] that I should express my strong emotion and vent my anger to the song," said Kom_I of Wednesday Campanella in a statement. "I realized that I personally have little chance to feel the tears welling up with strong anger — probably because I recently turned 25 years old, and have been given warm support by many people around me. However, even though I have obtained freedom, the world is not yet changed and we can never have completely assured lives in this era. So I wrote this for giving a pep talk to myself who is being left half done. Kawasaki meets Glasgow, Kiyoshiro Imawano meets David Bowie, and edamame meets fish and chips."

Mayberry added, "Japan has always been a really special place for CHVRCHES. And we were really excited to put together something special for our fans there. Kom_I has such a strong, individual voice in her music and how she conducts herself as a person — something that I really admire — and we were so lucky that she wanted to collaborate on this track."

You can watch the results of the collaboration with the video to "Out of My Head" below.