Christopher Smith "Pillars and Pyre" (video)

Christopher Smith 'Pillars and Pyre' (video)
Late last month, Vancouver songwriter Christopher Smith delivered the details of his upcoming Earning Keep LP, as well as a blip-heavy remix of new number "Pillars and Pyre" care of fellow West Coast musician Andy Dixon (aka Secret Mommy). Smith has now dropped a video for the gentle original, which interestingly features a burly black metal drummer as its star.

While the song gels on hushed vocal harmonies, sublime strings and softly picked six-string licks, the corpse-paint-and-spiked-gauntlet-sporting percussionist mean-mugs his way through what we can only imagine were some vicious cymbal hits and thunderous blast beats. Presented in ultra-slow mo, the clip forces you to see the hirsute musician's hair ripple majestically above the kit, with his drum hits occasionally lining up with the ethereal soundtrack.

You can check out the juxtaposition down below.

As previously reported, Earning Keep arrives August 28 through Boompa.

Christopher Smith - Pillars and Pyre from Boompa Records on Vimeo.