Christopher Bissonnette Returns with 'Pitch, Paper & Foil'

Christopher Bissonnette Returns with 'Pitch, Paper & Foil'
Splitting his time between Windsor and Detroit, ambient master Christopher Bissonnette has built a reputation for his solo work. Following last year's Essays in Idleness, he's just announced plans for his fourth LP.

​The album is called Pitch, Paper & Foil, and sees Bissonnette continuing his synth studies across eight new compositions.

The artist released the following statement about the LP:

This new series of works reflects an evolution of my adeptness with modular synthesis. As with my previous release Essays in Idleness, Pitch, Paper & Foil was constructed from a range of synthesis and compositional techniques. The goal with this album was to form a collection that exhibits more restraint than previous works. Modular synthesis can be an unruly medium and taming it in order to produce delicate or subtle tones can be challenging. As with Essays, I have allowed the artifacts of the process to find their way into the finished product. Tape noise, distortion and by-products of the random sequencing method all contribute to the character of the final recordings.

Pitch, Paper & Foil
 will arrive on November 6 via Kranky. Album opener "Epoch" can be streamed below.

Pitch, Paper & Foil:

1. Epoch
2. Diminution
3. Keeping Guard
4. Shuttering Slides
5. Surcease
6. Textbooks Of The Elites
7. The Rate Of Delay
8. Dualism