Chris Carrabba's Twin Forks Detail Debut LP

Chris Carrabba's Twin Forks Detail Debut LP
Dashboard Confessional singer-songwriter Chris Carrabba has been focusing his attention on his rootsy Twin Forks project as of late, and following a self-titled EP last fall, the group have now announced their debut full-length. Twin Forks is out on February 25 through Dine Alone Records.

The five songs from the band's prior EP re-emerge here along with seven additional songs for a total of 12 tracks. As with Twin Forks' previously released material, this album utilizes a traditional folk approach that emphasizes upbeat sing-alongs and foot-stomping hoedowns.

The rousing tunes are apparently equally suited to stadiums and campfires. "Whatever makes the audience stomp their feet and sing at the top of their lungs, that's what I want to be doing," Carrabba said in a statement.

Carrabba is joined here by mandolin player Suzie Zeldin (The Narrative), bassist Jonathan Clark and drummer Ben Homola (Bad Books). The album will be available digitally or on CD or vinyl, and pre-orders are available at iTunes or Amazon.

Twin Forks:

1.  Can't Be Broken
2.  Cross My Mind
3.  Back to You
4.  Kiss Me, Darling
5.  Scraping Up the Pieces
6.  Something We Just Know
7.  Danger
8.  Reasoned and Roughened
9.  Plans
10.  Done Is Done
11.  Come On
12.  Who's Looking Out