Chelsea Light Moving "Frank O'Hara Hit" / "Empires of Time"

Chelsea Light Moving 'Frank O'Hara Hit' /  'Empires of Time'
Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore is celebrating his 54th birthday today (July 25), but the musician is flipping the script by giving his listeners a gift in the form of a track from his new band Chelsea Light Moving called "Frank O'Hara Hit."

This marks the third free single the act have offered up, following "Burroughs" and "Groovy & Linda." Like those tunes, Moore delivered a lengthy, historically minded explanation behind the song.

According to the songwriter, the tune was influenced by events surrounding his birthday, including when poet Frank O'Hara was hit by a dune buggy on Fire Island on July 24, 1966. He died the next day. You can get a rundown of the other historical moments over here.

As for the song, it mines familiar Moore territory, with a spacey passage of six-strings bookending some '90s-era alt-rock crunch. You can download the track here.

UPDATE: Apparently Matador goofed and share the wrong link. The above link is in fact for the song "Empires of Time," not "Frank O'Hara Hit." So download the former here and the latter here.