Check Out Madball, Fake Problems and No No Zero in This Week's Exclaim! TV Roundup

BY Birkir FjalarPublished Mar 24, 2011

This week's batch of Exclaim! TV's Garageland videos once again brings you a crash course in punk rock. We have the New York hardcore institution that is Madball (pictured), Fake Problems and Toronto's own No No Zero.

What's left to say about Madball, really? They are the oak that will not move or break. That being said, the band spice up their own formula a bit on each record and they still hit the road hard. Singer Freddy Cricien tells Garageland host Sam Sutherland about the stress of New York and touring with younger fanboy bands.

The pleasant and welcoming sounds of young pop connoisseurs Fake Problems have garnered the band a lot of fans but also resulted in backfire from some voices within the scene that spawned them. The band discuss this and how important it was to simplifying the studio work for their newest album, Real Ghosts Caught on Tape.

Finally, we have Toronto's No No Zero. These old-timers have once again caught wind in their sails after an unspecified lull. Singer Pius Priapus elaborates on the compromises that come with being in a band made up of members that also play in other active groups, as well as his aversion to social networking, amongst other things.

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