Chairlift Detail 'Moth' LP

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jan 1, 2016

New York synth-pop duo Chairlift had already announced that they had an album called Moth on the way, and they even shared a couple of tracks from the LP. Now, they've confirmed the full details surrounding the new collection.

Previously, the album had been slated for a January release on Columbia Records. This has now been confirmed, as January 22 is the in-store date.

This date, along with the 10-song tracklist, was revealed via an Instagram image. As you can see from the tracklist below, previously released single "Ch-Ching" appears here as the fourth cut, while "Romeo" is track three. There's also a little Canadian love in the form of a tune called "Ottawa to Osaka."

See the videos for "Ch-Ching" and "Romeo" at the bottom of the page.


1. Look Up
2. Polymorphing
3. Romeo
4. Ch-Ching
5. Crying in Public
6. Ottawa to Osaka
7. Moth to the Flame
8. Show U Off
9. Unfinished Business
10. No Such Thing as Illusion

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