CFCF Goes 'On Vacation' with New Mini-Album

CFCF Goes 'On Vacation' with New Mini-Album
Last year was an impressively prolific one for CFCF (a.k.a. Michael Silver), who dropped three full-length releases in Radiance and SubmissionThe Colours of Life and Ballad of Shingy. Rather than slow things down, however, the artist is already back with another new release.

Called On Vacation, the release is an eight-song mini-album. It's set to arrive as part of the International Feel label's mini-album series, which encourages artists to work outside of any constraints and make any kind of music they want. 

Silver spoke about the album in a press release, saying, "It's really gentle and low-key and I hope that people will not take it too seriously.... It's a kind of jazzy affair."

On Vacation will arrive on February 19.

On Vacation:

1. Sate Padang
2. Arto
3. In The Courtyard
4. Pleasure Centre Dans Un Taxi
5. Chasing
6. Fleurs Laisses
7. Lighthouse On Chatham Sound
8. Vermont