CFCF 'Night Bus II' mix

CFCF 'Night Bus II' mix
Those familiar with Montreal's CFCF know that the electronic producer has some eclectic tastes. With his newest mix, entitled Night Bus II, this is definitely evident through the release's track selection, which includes everything from Vangelis and Eurythmics, to Fever Ray and d'Eon, to A$AP Rocky and Alicia Keys.

Night Bus II is available for free download courtesy of Gorilla vs. Bear, and you can donwload the mix here.

Night Bus II:

1. Vangelis "Wait For Me Intro"
2. Eurythmics "This City Never Sleeps"
3. Jhene Alko "Stranger"
4. A$AP Rocky/Oneohtrix Point Never "Demons/Behind the Bank"
5. Fever Ray "Keep the Streets Empty"
6. Beaumont/Cassie "Aventurescence/Addiction"
7. Elite Gymnastics/Notorious BIG "Here In Heaven/One More Chance"
8. d'Eon "Tongues"
9. Underworld/Meek Mill "Sappy's Curry/Body Count"
10. Autechre/Alicia Keys "Lowride/Unthinkable"