A Certain Ratio Reissue New Studio Album Through LTM

A Certain Ratio Reissue New Studio Album Through LTM
Manchester funk punks A Certain Ratio have been active for over 30 years, but their output has slowed in recent times. When the band released the album Mind Made Up via Le Son du Maquis in 2008, it was their first new release in a whopping 17 years.

To help fans get the most out of A Certain Ratio's sporadic release schedule, LTM Records is re-releasing some selections from the band's discography. This started back in February with an expanded reissue of the 1986 album Force, which came packaged with five bonus tracks.

Next up is Mind Made Up, which came out yesterday (May 3). The album's original release received only minimal distribution, so for many fans, this will be the first time many will have a shot at getting their hands on the disc. According to LTM, the album was recorded with a minimum of studio trickery, and "marks a stunning return to hard-edged funky form." Among the 12 tracks is "Teri," the first song the band ever wrote and one that we featured in our Click Hear section last year.

Head over to A Certain Ratio's MySpace to hear three cuts from the album, including the slinky, wah-drenched title track.

Mind Made Up:

1. "I Feel Light"
2. "Down, Down, Down"
3. "Everything Is Good"
4. "Way to Escape"
5. "Rialto 2006"
6. "Mind Made Up"
7. "Teri"
8. "Bird to the Ground"
9. "Starlight"
10. "Which Is Reality?"
11. "Skunk"
12. "Very Busy Man"