CBC Radio 3 Sets Out to Find Canada's Best Music Festival

CBC Radio 3 Sets Out to Find Canada's Best Music Festival
Canadian Parliament may have taken a prorogued vacation to enjoy Vancouver's Winter Olympics, but CBC Radio 3 is still hard at work during the Games, even with their headquarters at the very centre of them.

In true democratic fashion, CBC Radio 3's Searchlight contest annually invites listeners between the coasts to determine the best in Canadian music, previously declaring Meow Records in Prince George, BC the best independent record store in Canada, and Windsor, ON's Phog Lounge the best canadian live music venue.

This year, CBC is looking to blazon Canada's best music festival, and announced the long list of candidates earlier today (February 17).

Among those up for the prize are the expected Pop Montreal, Ottawa Blues Festival and Sled Island, and other off-the-beaten-path events such as Fredericton's Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival and the Coldsnap Music Festival in Prince George, BC.

Guelph's Hillside Festival also deservedly made the cut, just weeks after its wintertime sidekick, Hillside Inside, gave fans in Southern Ontario a reason to come out of hibernation.

Polls for the contest are now open, and virtual ballots can be cast here at the CBC Radio 3 website.