CBC Radio 3 Embraces Its "Inner Eh" and Goes 100 Percent Canadian Content

CBC Radio 3 Embraces Its 'Inner Eh' and Goes 100 Percent Canadian Content
Recently, the folks of CBC Radio 3 revealed they would be merging their two radio stations, Sirius 86 and CBC web radio, into a single schedule. After much deliberation on which direction the station would head in terms of Canadian-band airtime, CBC Radio 3 has announced that the newly merged station will be 100 percent Canadian content starting today, a decision the station is obviously pumped about, and so it should be.

In the announcement, director of CBC Radio 3 Steve Pratt summed up the reasoning behind the decision, telling listeners that CBC Radio 3 is already synonymous with all-Canadian independent music, 100 percent Canadian makes the station distinct in a world of musical offerings and, last but not least, the CBC believes that this music format makes a huge impact for Canadian musicians.

As the thrilled-sounding announcement continues, Pratt also jokes that a 100 percent Canadian music rotation does not mean the station's decisions are being made by bigots. Their rule of thumb is this: "If it feels Canadian and if audiences consider it a relevant and essential part of the celebration, enjoyment, and discussion of Canadian music and culture, than we're gonna play it."

And in the words of the station: "So put on your Canadian tuxedo, pour yourself a Bloody Caesar, lace up your hockey skates, and help us celebrate the music of the Great White North every day on CBC Radio 3!"