CASTLEBEAT Drops Nostalgic Video for "Telephone"

CASTLEBEAT Drops Nostalgic Video for 'Telephone'
Lo-fi dream-pop project CASTLEBEAT is the brainchild of California musician Josh Hwang and firmly follows the DIY work ethic. Hwang writes, records and produces all of his songs, as well as runs his own record label Spirit Goth Records, which put out CASTLEBEAT's first two records. 

After garnering traction within the indie music community over the past few years, CASTLEBEAT is currently hard at work preparing his third studio album, but for now, we're offering you an exclusive look at his new music video for 2018 breakout single "Telephone," which features Sonia Gadhia.

The song, at its core, is pop music with catchy vocal hooks and jangly guitar lines. The sound is shrouded by feelings of nostalgia and melancholia. 

The new video, directed by Emma Penrose, highlights the song's jangly, laidback pop sounds through retro-looking visuals and vibrant colours. Its overall sound is steeped in feelings of nostalgia and gloominess with a tone built for wistful days. Hwang explains the song's melancholic vibe and also why it's different from his other tracks.   

"It's an innocent pop song about young love. This song is different than my other songs because it features my girlfriend Sonia Gadhia on vocals, who also stars in the music video," said Hwang. 

CASTLEBEAT's upcoming third album is expected to arrive in 2020 on Spirit Goth Records. You can check out his new "Telephone" video below.