Carey Mercer Unveils New Blackout Beach LP 'Fuck Death'

Carey Mercer Unveils New Blackout Beach LP 'Fuck Death'
How's this for a straight-forward album title: Fuck Death. That's the name of the new LP from Blackout Beach, the solo project helmed by Frog Eyes leader Carey Mercer.

In a press release, Mercer explained, "The record is a sibling to the last Blackout Beach record, Skin of Evil. But the longing in Fuck Death is not romantic; these are deserter's songs, coward's songs. I am all for reassessing cowardice. The most important lyric on Fuck Death is 'run away.' It's a bit heavy, especially because the dominant 2011 story is that kids want to live on an invisible beach within their hearts and party this stuff away. But not all kids scorn uneasiness. And not all music is made for kids."

Mercer self-recorded the eight-song collection over a three-year period, using "three synthesizers (two mono, one poly), two drum machines, and one guitar amplifier." Frog Eyes member (and returning Blackout Beach contributor) Megan Boddy sings with Mercer on most of the songs.

The album will be out digitally and on vinyl on November 15 via Dead Oceans, but for now, you can stream the seven-minute "Beautiful Burning Desire" below.

Fuck Death:

1. "Beautiful Burning Desire"
2. "Torchlights Banned"
3. "Deserter's Song"
4. "Be Forewarned, the Night Has Come"
5. "Hornet's Fury into the Bandit's Mouth"
6. "Drowning Pigs"
7. "Broken Braying of the Donkey's Cry"
8. "Sending Postcards to a Ghost"

Blackout Beach "Beautiful Burning Desire" by DOJAGSC