Cap'n Jazz Officially Reunite, Reissue Analphabetapolothology on Vinyl

Cap'n Jazz Officially Reunite, Reissue <i>Analphabetapolothology</i> on Vinyl
Rumours having been buzzing for some time that emo pioneers Cap'n Jazz would be reuniting. Guitarist Davey von Bohlen initially denied those reports, but this was just a fake-out, as the band performed a brief, unadvertised set at Chicago's Empty Bottle on January 22.

Now, the band are making their reunion official, performing their first scheduled gig since breaking up back in 1995. The show will be at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago on July 17, and a press release reveals that this will be followed by "select dates."

What's more, Cap'n Jazz will be rereleasing their career-spanning compilation, Analphabetapolothology, on July 15 via Jade Tree. Printed as a double LP, this is the first time the collection has been released on vinyl, and it promises to feature "plenty of bonus material not included with the original CD release, including never before seen photos, show fliers, and new liner notes by [singer] Tim Kinsella."

That said, don't expect any bonus tracks. In fact, the vinyl version will only hold 24 of the original CD's 34 tracks, choosing to make the rest as download-only. Kind of a bummer if you ask us, and shows that maybe CDs aren't so bad after all.

While this reunion is great news for fans of the band, it's only temporary; the press release states that "This summer will be your one chance to see Cap'n Jazz live." So if you're desperate to see them you better buy tickets and start booking your flight to Chicago, or keep your fingers crossed that they will be popping by your town on those upcoming dates.

Read our timeline on Tim and Mike Kinsella here.


1. "Little League"
2. "Oh Messy Life"
3. "Puddle Splashers"
4. "Flashpoint: Catheter"
5. "In the Clear"
6. "Yes, I Am Talking To You"
7. "Basils Kite"
8. "Bluegrassish"
9. "Planet Shhh"
10. "The Sands Have Turned Purple"
11. "Precious"
12. "Que Suerte!"
13. "Take On Me"
14. "Tokyo"
15. "Ooh Do I Love You"
16. "Hey Ma, Do I Hafta Choke On These"
17. "Forget Who We Are"
18. "Olerud"
19. "We Are Scientists!"
20. "Sea Tea"
21. "Troubled By Insects"
22. "Rocky Rococo"
23. "AOK"
24. "Sergio Valente"

Bonus Downloads:

25. "In the Clear"
26. "Soria"
27. "No Use For A Piano Player When You Got A Player Piano"
28. "Scary Kids Scaring Kids"
29. "Bluegrass"
30. "Winter Wonderland"
31. "Geheim"
32. "Easy Driver"
33. "Theme to 90210"
34. "Ooh Do I love You"