Cannibal Ox Funding New LP via Kickstarter

Cannibal Ox Funding New LP via Kickstarter
Last year, we learned that early 2000s New York rap group Cannibal Ox had got back together to play some shows and prep a new LP. The band have now announced that they're hoping to whip up some funds for the latter via a Kickstarter campaign.

A statement from the group explains that they're founding a new record label called Iron Galaxy Clik to release their sophomore effort, which would be the follow-up to 2001's The Cold Vein. Not too much info has been dished about the LP, but the outfit noted that it's been "10 years in the making and needs the fans support to bring it to life."

A trailer, which you can see below, has Vast Aire explaining that they're in the currently in studio, and that they expect the LP to arrive in 2014. A single titled "Gotham {Ox City}" is expected to come out this spring.

Vast Aire and Vordul Mega are reaching out to fans for funds and are offering anything from shout-outs on Twitter, signed CDs, hoodies, a mention in the LP's liner notes, and concert tickets, depending on how much you're willing to cough up.

"Instead of complaining about the quality of hip hop, make a change and support a real movement," they wrote. "100% of your pledges will go to the funding of the sophomore album of Cannibal Ox, new videos, touring support,  marketing and promotion, street teams (physical and digital), and production budget for other featured artists on the album."

Featured artists, meanwhile, have yet to be announced.