'Cannibal Ferox' Soundtrack Gets Deluxe Reissue via One Way Static

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Mar 10, 2014

Looking for a gruesome addition to your horror score collection? Then look no further, as infamous Italian exploitation flick Cannibal Ferox (a.k.a. Make Them Die Slowly) is getting the deluxe treatment from One Way Static on April 28, with an uncensored edition featuring artwork the label says it is "not legally allowed to show" online.

The set features a mix of funky cuts and synthier fare from composer Roberto Donati (a.k.a. Budy Maglione) and had previously been issued in various formats around the world. One Way Static's pressing comes on vinyl and cassette, and adds four extra cuts to the original soundtrack. You can hear "NYC Main Title," the sinister, synth-strew "Cannibal Ferox Theme" and the electronic rumble of "Into the Bush" in the player down below, where you'll also find the tracklisting.

The 1981 cannibal film, which depicts a series of gruesome revenge murders at the hands of a tribe in Paraguay, became infamous for its violent scenes, either via special effects or real-life animal torture caught on film. This landed the movie on the video nasties list and apparently managed to get itself banned in 31 countries at the time of its release.

Living up to the film's reputation, One Way Static is delivering a limited-edition uncensored package featuring alternate, more controversial artwork than the standard version of the set, which you can see above. Apparently the label had trouble finding a printing company to press the record jackets, opting to use a plant in China.

The label explained of the situation:

After receiving several threats we decided not to post or share the artworks for the limited unrated edition online or through our press channels. We also received phone calls from Tipper Gore's people and the BBFC to let us know they will do everything in their power to have the record banned. Four North American printers refused to print the sleeve after protests from their employees, stating "never before have we seen such acts of savage brutality." After a long search we found a plant in chuang-zin, a rural province in China who agreed to print it. When it landed on the desk of Joseph H. Wryght (Light in the Attic's senior president) he demanded all LITA logos were to be removed immediately. Please take note that neither OWS or LITA [the record's distributor] can be held responsible for the traumatizing shocks the artwork can cause. If you can't handle it: please purchase the regular vinyl version that has "cleaner" graphics. We don't know how long we will be able to keep this version in stock before it get seized by authorities. Beware and be warned.

Limited quantities of the soundtrack on "jungle camouflage" vinyl or transparent green vinyl will be inserted into sleeves at random. The package also comes with liner notes from Donati, as well as actors Giovanni Lombardo Radice and Danilo Mattei, among others.

You can order either of the editions here.

  Cannibal Ferox:

1. NYC Main title

2. Cannibal Ferox Theme

3. Killing 2 Parrots

4. Into The Bush

5. Jungle Jive

6. Jaywalkin' Iguana

7. Piranhas

8. NYC Brass
9. Kettle Of Doom

10. Mike Flips Out

11. NYC Aftermath

12. Man Hunting*

13. Chase*

14. On The Trail*

15. Evil Rising*

* bonus tracks

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